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In-house Brands

We are proud owners of a portfolio of brands spanning across beer, wine, and tobacco products. These trademarked and wholly-owned brands are all successful players within the market. With Dester, we have one of the top-selling beers among traditional on premise outlets in Singapore. Kwirk, our Belgium white beer, launched officially in 2018 and has gradually and successfully gained market share with the guidance of our in-house creative marketing efforts and strategies.

Similarly, our tobacco brand iScore has, within 2 short years of market introduction, risen to being a top 3 player in Thailand. Our tobacco brands are sold across all major channels and we aim to continue growing our presence by leveraging on our well-connected and efficient distribution network that was established some 20 years ago. We also aim to discover new offerings to compete and serve the ever-growing industry with the help of our capable in-house product development team.



International Partners

In addition to our own brands, we also distribute a host of renowned brand names across multiple segments to compete in the market. Leaning on our experience as brand owners, we are able to value-add to these well-established players not only logistically but also in the regard of brand building and expansion into multiple channels with our knowledge in the industry. Our international partnerships are formed by direct commercial relationships with brand owners.