Tobacco Contract Manufacturing

Lubritrade has built a strong portfolio of trademarked tobacco brands to complement the international brands in the market. We currently produce and distribute these brands in various markets namely, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malayisia. Future plans are in sight to develop new brands and introduce to new markets.

  • General Information

    Having developed a range of tobacco products and establishing a strong presence in the regional tobacco market for many years, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the tobacco business. For logistical convenience and ideal re-export capabilities, our tobacco manufacturing plant is located in Batam, Indonesia just 20km (12.5 miles) off Singapore's south coast.

    Our in-house R&D team is able to utilize a wide range of tobacco blends to meet the desired taste while ensuring that legal & regulatory requirements of each region are met. In addition, our design team is well-equipped to design packaging materials which meets both aesthetic demands and convey strong brand identity.

    Every product is specifically crafted with the target market in mind and we are always looking to venture into innovative methods to create outstanding brand equity.

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  • Production Capabilities

    Our production capabilities include but are not limited to:


    1. American
    2. Virginia


    1. Full flavour
    2. Lights
    3. Menthol
    4. Menthol Blast


    1. King Size cigarettes with: 22mm and 27mm filter rod lengths
    2. Superslim cigarettes with: 27mm filter rod length

    Menthol application

    1. Menthol foil
    2. Menthol spray on Cutrags
    3. Menthol spray on Filter rods


    1. Menthol foil
    2. Naked wrap
    3. Display outers

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  • Equipments

    Our state-of-the-art equipment line-up features machineries from Hauni and Focke, the leading names for machineries in the tobacco industry.

    With an array of reliable and efficient machines, we are confident that we can cater to increasing demands of production output and that our production will be of high standards in quality, speed and sanitary.

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